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Why pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a website!!!!!

Even in today’s economy a professional website is still a must
 for your company but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Yes. Times are tough and it’s becoming more difficult to predict where that next dollar will come from. Reliance on “word of mouth” advertising worked for a while but now the “word” is not getting out fast or far enough. Yellow pages help but they are generally very costly. A professionally designed website, given the breadth of exposure, is still the best investment for your company, even in today’s budget-sensitive economy.

Potential customers are in the same economic boat and use the most expeditious means to find the best bargains available for goods or services. The explosive growth of the internet over the past decade serves as confirmation that “surfing the internet” is the best bet that enables consumers to find the best deals available.

And, having a website for your business has become somewhat of a status symbol whereby consumers make, rightfully or wrongly, judgments about the viability of a company. They frequently assume that a business, investing in a visually attractive website, must have something going for it versus a business that doesn’t have a website. It follows that the website can offer more information to a potential customer than any yellow page can.

BRK Web Designs will work with you to develop a website that fits your needs AND YOUR BUDGET.

We invite you to view a sampling of some of the websites we have developed or read comments from some of our clients.

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